Enum cnetworks::NetworkModel[][src]

pub enum NetworkModel {
    ER {
        p: f64,
        whole: bool,
    BA {
        m0: usize,
        m: usize,

NetworkModel decides the algorithm used to connect the nodes during Network’s initialization.



The Erdos–Renyi random network model.

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Fields of ER

p: f64

The probability of connecting any given pair of nodes.

whole: bool

Should the network be in one piece


The Barabasi–Albert preferential attachment model.

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Fields of BA

m0: usize

The initial number of clustered nodes.

m: usize

The number of nodes added in each step during network creation. Keep in mind that this should be strictly less or equal m0 and the Barabasi-Albert initialization fuction will panic if this is not the case.


Placeholder for a network with no connections.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for NetworkModel[src]

impl Debug for NetworkModel[src]

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