Hash Function
Generic macros used here and there to simplify and make code more readable.
Merkle Proofs
Persistent and prunable Merkle Mountain Range implementation. For a high level description of MMRs, see:
Serialization and deserialization layer specialized for binary encoding. Ensures consistency and safety. Basically a minimal subset or rustc_serialize customized for our need.
Storage of core types using RocksDB.


Eliminates some of the verbosity in having iter and collect around every filter_map call.
Eliminates some of the verbosity in having iter and collect around every map call.
Eliminate some of the boilerplate of deserialization (package ser) by passing just the list of reader function (with optional single param) Example before: let foo = reader.read_u64()?; let bar = reader.read_u32()?; let fixed_byte_var = reader.read_fixed_bytes(64)?; Example after: let (foo, bar, fixed_byte_var) = ser_multiread!(reader, read_u64, read_u32, read_fixed_bytes(64));
Eliminate some of the boilerplate of serialization (package ser) by passing directly pairs of writer function and data to write. Example before: reader.write_u64(42)?; reader.write_u32(100)?; Example after: ser_multiwrite!(writer, [write_u64, 42], [write_u32, 100]);
Allows the conversion of an expression that doesn’t return anything to one that returns the provided identifier. Example: let foo = vec![1,2,3] println!(tee!(foo, foo.append(vec![3,4,5]))
Same as try_map_vec when thing is an iterator
Same as map_vec when the map closure returns Results. Makes sure the results are “pushed up” and wraps with a try.