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Clokwerk, a simple scheduler

Clokwerk is a simple scheduler, inspired by Python’s Schedule and Ruby’s clockwork. It uses a similar DSL for scheduling, rather than parsing cron strings.



See Scheduler.


See AsyncScheduler.


Some combinations of times or intervals are permissible, but make little sense, e.g. every(10.seconds()).at("16:00"), which would next run at the next 4 PM after the next multiple of 10 seconds.

Similar libraries



An asynchronous job to run on the scheduler. Create these by calling AsyncScheduler::every().
An asynchronous job scheduler, for use with Futures.
Guard object for the scheduler background thread. The thread is terminated if this object is dropped, or ScheduleHandle::stop() is called
Synchronous job scheduler
A job to run on the scheduler. Create these by calling Scheduler::every().



This trait provides an abstraction over SyncJob and AsyncJob, covering all the methods relating to scheduling, rather than execution.
A trait for easily expressing common intervals. Each method generates an appropriate Interval. Plural and non-plural forms behave identically, but exist to make code more grammatical.