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The clircle crate helps you detect IO circles in your CLI applications.

Imagine you want to read data from a couple of files and output something according to the contents of these files. If the user redirects the output of your program to one of the input files, you might end up in an infinite circle of reading and writing.

The crate provides the struct Identifier which is a platform dependent type alias, so that you can use it on all platforms and do not need to introduce any conditional compilation yourself. On both Unix and Windows systems, Identifier holds information to identify a file on a disk.

The Clircle trait is implemented on both of these structs and requires TryFrom for the clircle::Stdio enum and for &Path, so that all possible inputs can be represented as an Identifier. Finally, Clircle is a subtrait of Eq, so that the identifiers can be conveniently compared and circles can be detected. The clircle crate also provides some convenience functions around the comparison of Clircle implementors.


pub use clircle_unix::nix;



Implementation of Clircle for Unix.



Error for TryFrom<Stdio>


The three stdio streams.



The Clircle trait describes the public interface of the crate. It contains all the platform-independent functionality. This trait is implemented for the structs UnixIdentifier and WindowsIdentifier.



Finds a common Identifier in the two given slices.


Finds Stdio::Stdout in the given slice.

Type Definitions


Identifies a file. The type is aliased according to the target platform.