Crate cli_table_derive[][src]

Rust crate for printing tables on command line.


Add cli-table in your Cargo.toms’s dependencies section

cli-table = "0.4"

Simple usage

use cli_table::{format::Justify, print_stdout, Cell, Style, Table};

let table = vec![
    vec!["Tom".cell(), 10.cell().justify(Justify::Right)],
    vec!["Jerry".cell(), 15.cell().justify(Justify::Right)],
    vec!["Scooby Doo".cell(), 20.cell().justify(Justify::Right)],
    "Age (in years)".cell().bold(true),


Below is the output of the table we created just now:

| Name       | Age (in years) |  <-- This row and all the borders/separators
+------------+----------------+      will appear in bold
| Tom        |             10 |
| Jerry      |             15 |
| Scooby Doo |             25 |

Derive macro

#[derive(Table)] can also be used to print a Vec or slice of structs as table.

use cli_table::{format::Justify, print_stdout, Table, WithTitle};

struct User {
    #[table(title = "ID", justify = "Justify::Right")]
    id: u64,
    #[table(title = "First Name")]
    first_name: &'static str,
    #[table(title = "Last Name")]
    last_name: &'static str,

let users = vec![
    User {
        id: 1,
        first_name: "Scooby",
        last_name: "Doo",
    User {
        id: 2,
        first_name: "John",
        last_name: "Cena",


Below is the output of the table we created using derive macro:

| ID | First Name | Last Name |  <-- This row will appear in bold
|  1 | Scooby     | Doo       |
|  2 | John       | Cena      |

Field attributes

  • title | name: Used to specify title of a column. Usage: #[table(title = "Title")]
  • justify: Used to horizontally justify the contents of a column. Usage: #[table(justify = "Justify::Right")]
  • align: Used to vertically align the contents of a column. Usage: #[table(align = "Align::Top")]
  • color: Used to specify color of contents of a column. Usage: #[table(color = "Color::Red")]
  • bold: Used to specify boldness of contents of a column. Usage: #[table(bold)]
  • order: Used to order columns in a table while printing. Usage: #[table(order = <usize>)]. Here, columns will be sorted based on their order. For e.g., column with order = 0 will be displayed on the left followed by column with order = 1 and so on.
  • display_fn: Used to print types which do not implement Display trait. Usage #[table(display_fn = "<func_name>")]. Signature of provided function should be fn <func_name>(value: &<type>) -> impl Display.
  • skip: Used to skip a field from table. Usage: #[table(skip)]

For more information on configurations available on derive macro, go to cli-table/examples/


This crate also integrates with csv crate. On enabling "csv" feature, you can use TryFrom<&mut Reader> for TableStruct trait implementation to convert csv::Reader to TableStruct.

For more information on handling CSV values, go to cli-table/examples/


  • derive: Enables derive macro for creating tables using structs. Enabled by default.
  • csv: Enables support for printing tables using csv. Enabled by default.

Derive Macros


Derive macro to implementing cli_table traits