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A Rust adapter for the Khronos OpenCL API.


A functional, safe Rust interface to the Khronos OpenCL 3.0 C API based upon the cl-sys OpenCL FFI bindings.

OpenCL 3.0 is a unified specification that adds little new functionality to previous OpenCL versions.
It specifies that all OpenCL 1.2 features are mandatory, while all OpenCL 2.x and 3.0 features are now optional.


This crate applies the adapter pattern to convert OpenCL C API functions into Rust functions that return a Result containing the desired result of the C function or the OpenCL error code. The exception is svm_free, which just provides a safe wrapper for the clSVMFree C API function.

The API for OpenCL versions and extensions are controlled by Rust features such as “CL_VERSION_2_0” and “cl_khr_gl_sharing”. To enable an OpenCL version, the feature for that version and all previous OpenCL versions must be enabled, e.g. for “CL_VERSION_2_0”; “CL_VERSION_1_1” and “CL_VERSION_1_2” must also be enabled.

The default features are “CL_VERSION_1_1” and “CL_VERSION_1_2”.

Rust deprecation warnings are given for OpenCL API functions that are deprecated by an enabled OpenCL version e.g., clCreateCommandQueue is deprecated whenever “CL_VERSION_2_0” is enabled.

Most of the modules are named after their equivalent OpenCL “API” sections in cl.h. They contain Rust adapter functions for the OpenCL API C functions defined in those sections with their associated types and constants. The exceptions are:

  • error_codes - contains the OpenCL API error codes from cl.h and a function (error_text) to convert an error code to it’s enum name from cl.h.
  • info_type - contains a Rust enum (InfoType) to hold the OpenCL types that can be returned from OpenCL “Info” functions, e.g. clGetPlatformInfo, clGetDeviceInfo, clGetProgramInfo, etc.
  • macros - contains Rust macros to call the OpenCL “Info” functions and return the appropriate InfoType in a Rust Result.

It is vital to call the correct InfoType method type when decoding the result of “Info” functions, since the methods will panic if called with the wrong type, see info_type.


See cl3.


Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0, as per Khronos Group OpenCL.
You may obtain a copy of the License at:

OpenCL and the OpenCL logo are trademarks of Apple Inc. used under license by Khronos.


OpenCL Command Queue API.

OpenCL Context API.

FFI bindings for cl_d3d10.h
cl_d3d10.h contains OpenCL extensions that provide interoperability with Direct3D 10. OpenCL extensions are documented in the OpenCL-Registry

FFI bindings for cl_d3d11.h
cl_d3d11.h contains OpenCL extensions that provide interoperability with Direct3D 11.
OpenCL extensions are documented in the OpenCL-Registry

OpenCL Device API.

FFI bindings for cl_dx9_media_sharing.h
cl_ecl_dx9_media_sharing.h contains OpenCL extensions that provide interoperability with Direct3D 9.
OpenCL extensions are documented in the OpenCL-Registry

OpenCL OpenGl ES Interoperability API.

OpenCL API Error Codes.

OpenCL Event Object API.

OpenCL extensions that don’t have external (OpenGL, D3D) dependencies. See: OpenCL Extension Specification

OpenCL OpenGl Interoperability API.

OpenCL Kernel Object API.

OpenCL Memory Object API.

OpenCL Platform API.

OpenCL Program Object API.

OpenCL Sampler API.

OpenCL API data types.