Trait ckb_traits::CellDataProvider[][src]

pub trait CellDataProvider {
    fn get_cell_data(&self, out_point: &OutPoint) -> Option<Bytes>;
fn get_cell_data_hash(&self, out_point: &OutPoint) -> Option<Byte32>; fn load_cell_data(&self, cell: &CellMeta) -> Option<Bytes> { ... }
fn load_cell_data_hash(&self, cell: &CellMeta) -> Option<Byte32> { ... } }
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Required methods

fn get_cell_data(&self, out_point: &OutPoint) -> Option<Bytes>[src]

fetch cell_data from storage

fn get_cell_data_hash(&self, out_point: &OutPoint) -> Option<Byte32>[src]

fetch cell_data_hash from storage

Provided methods

fn load_cell_data(&self, cell: &CellMeta) -> Option<Bytes>[src]

load cell_data from memory, fallback to storage access

fn load_cell_data_hash(&self, cell: &CellMeta) -> Option<Byte32>[src]

load cell_data_hash from memory, fallback to storage access