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Library supporting converting CIFF to PISA uncompressed collection format. Refer to osirrc/ciff on Github for more detailed information about the format.

For more information about PISA’s internal storage formats, see the documentation.


Use PisaToCiff and CiffToPisa builders to convert from one format to another.

    .description("Hello, CIFF!")


Represents a single binary collection.

A single binary sequence.

CIFF to PISA converter.

Error raised when the bytes cannot be properly parsed into the collection format.

Iterator over PayloadSlice.

Payload slice is a slice of variable-sized elements (payloads) encoded in a single block of memory. This way, sequences of, say, strings, can be indexed into without loading all the elements in memory, but rather using a memory mapped buffer.

Owning variant of PayloadSlice, in which the underlying bytes are fully in memory within the struct. This is useful mainly for building the structure before writing it to a file, but also if one decides to fully load the bytes to memory and use it to assess elements without parsing the whole vector to a Vec.

PISA to CIFF converter.

A version of BinaryCollection with random access to sequences.


Builds a lexicon using the text file at input and writes it to output.


Converts a CIFF index stored in path to a PISA “binary collection” (uncompressed inverted index) with a basename output.

Concatenate two OsStrings.

Encodes a sequence of 4-byte unsigned integers into writer in native-endianness.


Converts a a PISA “binary collection” (uncompressed inverted index) with a basename input to a CIFF index stored in output.