Struct chlorate::SodaResponse[][src]

pub struct SodaResponse {
    pub soda_type: Option<i32>,
    pub recognition_result: Option<SodaRecognitionResult>,
    pub endpoint_event: Option<SodaEndpointEvent>,
    pub audio_level_info: Option<SodaAudioLevelInfo>,
    pub langid_event: Option<SodaLangIdEvent>,


soda_type: Option<i32>recognition_result: Option<SodaRecognitionResult>

Set when type is RECOGNITION

endpoint_event: Option<SodaEndpointEvent>

Set when type is ENDPOINT

audio_level_info: Option<SodaAudioLevelInfo>

Set when type is AUDIO_LEVEL

langid_event: Option<SodaLangIdEvent>

Set when type is LANGID


impl SodaResponse[src]

pub fn soda_type(&self) -> SodaMessageType[src]

Returns the enum value of soda_type, or the default if the field is unset or set to an invalid enum value.

pub fn set_soda_type(&mut self, value: SodaMessageType)[src]

Sets soda_type to the provided enum value.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for SodaResponse[src]

impl Debug for SodaResponse[src]

impl Default for SodaResponse[src]

impl Message for SodaResponse[src]

impl PartialEq<SodaResponse> for SodaResponse[src]

impl StructuralPartialEq for SodaResponse[src]

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