Trait cgmath::prelude::Transform [] [src]

pub trait Transform<P: EuclideanSpace>: Sized {
    fn one() -> Self;
    fn look_at(eye: P, center: P, up: P::Diff) -> Self;
    fn transform_vector(&self, vec: P::Diff) -> P::Diff;
    fn transform_point(&self, point: P) -> P;
    fn concat(&self, other: &Self) -> Self;
    fn inverse_transform(&self) -> Option<Self>;

    fn concat_self(&mut self, other: &Self) { ... }

A trait representing an affine transformation that can be applied to points or vectors. An affine transformation is one which

Required Methods

fn one() -> Self

Create an identity transformation. That is, a transformation which does nothing.

fn look_at(eye: P, center: P, up: P::Diff) -> Self

Create a transformation that rotates a vector to look at center from eye, using up for orientation.

fn transform_vector(&self, vec: P::Diff) -> P::Diff

Transform a vector using this transform.

fn transform_point(&self, point: P) -> P

Transform a point using this transform.

fn concat(&self, other: &Self) -> Self

Combine this transform with another, yielding a new transformation which has the effects of both.

fn inverse_transform(&self) -> Option<Self>

Create a transform that "un-does" this one.

Provided Methods

fn concat_self(&mut self, other: &Self)

Combine this transform with another, in-place.