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ceviche is a wrapper to write a service/daemon.

At the moment only Windows services are supported. The Service macro is inspired from the winservice crate.

A service implements a service main function and is generated by invoking the Service! macro. The events are sent to the service over the rx channel.

This example is not tested
 enum CustomServiceEvent {}

fn my_service_main(
    rx: mpsc::Receiver<ServiceEvent<CustomServiceEvent>>,
    _tx: mpsc::Sender<ServiceEvent<CustomServiceEvent>>,
    args: Vec<String>,
    standalone_mode: bool) -> u32 {
   loop {
       if let Ok(control_code) = rx.recv() {
           match control_code {
               ServiceEvent::Stop => break,
               _ => (),

Service!("Foobar", my_service_main);

The Controller is a helper to create, remove, start or stop the service on the system. ceviche also supports a standalone mode were the service code runs as a normal executable which can be useful for development and debugging.

This example is not tested
static SERVICE_NAME: &'static str = "foobar";
static DISPLAY_NAME: &'static str = "FooBar Service";
static DESCRIPTION: &'static str = "This is the FooBar service";

fn main() {
    let yaml = load_yaml!("cli.yml");
    let app = App::from_yaml(yaml);
    let matches = app.version(crate_version!()).get_matches();
    let cmd = matches.value_of("cmd").unwrap_or("").to_string();

    let mut controller = Controller::new(SERVICE_NAME, DISPLAY_NAME, DESCRIPTION);

    match cmd.as_str() {
        "create" => controller.create(),
        "delete" => controller.delete(),
        "start" => controller.start(),
        "stop" => controller.stop(),
        "standalone" => {
            let (tx, rx) = mpsc::channel();

            ctrlc::set_handler(move || {
                let _ = tx.send(ServiceEvent::Stop);
            }).expect("Failed to register Ctrl-C handler");

            my_service_main(rx, vec![], true);
        _ => {
            let _result = controller.register(service_main_wrapper);



Manages the service on the system.





Service errors



Events that are sent to the service.