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This is a library for validating data structures against a CDDL document.

Note: This library is fairly new, and may still contain significant bugs, ommissions, or unstable interfaces.

CDDL is a text document described by RFC8610 that describes data structures. CDDL is not tied to any specific serialization or encoding method; it can be used to validate data that is in CBOR or JSON format.

The goal of this library is to make CBOR or JSON data easy to validate against a CDDL schema description.

Some of the ways this library differs from other implementations:

  • An "Intermediate Validation Tree" (ivt) is constructed from the CDDL AST; this removes some of the CDDL syntax detail resulting in a simplified tree that can be more easily validated. The IVT is constructed almost entirely of Node elements, allowing recursive validation.

  • Validation is performed by first translating the incoming data into a generic tree form, so the bulk of the validation code is completely agnostic to the serialization format.

An example, validating CBOR-encoded data against a CDDL schema:

use cddl_cat::validate_cbor_bytes;
use serde::Serialize;

struct PersonStruct {
    name: String,
    age: u32,

let input = PersonStruct {
    name: "Bob".to_string(),
    age: 43,
let cbor_bytes = serde_cbor::to_vec(&input).unwrap();
let cddl_input = "thing = {name: tstr, age: int}";
validate_cbor_bytes("thing", cddl_input, &cbor_bytes).unwrap();

Supported prelude types:

  • any, uint, nint, int, bstr, bytes, tstr, text
  • float, float16, float32, float64, float16-32, float32-64
    Note: float sizes are not validated.

Unimplemented features:

  • Generics
  • Non-cut map keys
  • Extend type with /=
  • Extend group with //=
  • Type sockets with $
  • Group sockets with $$
  • Range operators .., ...
  • Control operators, e.g. .size, .bits, ...
  • Group enumeration with &
  • Tagged data with #
  • Literal integers with 0x or 0b
  • Hexfloat
  • Base64 bytestring literals (b64'...')
  • Prelude types that invoke CBOR tags (e.g. tdate or biguint)


pub use cbor::validate_cbor;
pub use cbor::validate_cbor_bytes;
pub use parser::parse_cddl;



This module defines the Abstract Syntax Tree.


This module implements validation from serde_cbor::Value.


This module defines the Context trait.


Tools for converting the ast (syntax tree) into an ivt (intermediate validation tree).


This module defines the Intermediate Validation Tree.


This module contains a CDDL parser.


This module defines error and result types.


This module declares a generic Value enum for use with validation.