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This is a library for validating data structures against a CDDL document.

Note: This library is fairly new, and may still contain significant bugs, ommissions, or unstable interfaces.

The goal of this library is to make individual encodings (like CBOR or JSON) easy to validate.

Some of the ways this library differs from other implementations:

  • An "Intermediate Validation Tree" (ivt) is constructed from the CDDL AST; this removes some of the CDDL syntax detail resulting in a simplified tree that can be more easily validated. The IVT is constructed almost entirely of Node elements, allowing recursive validation.

  • Validation is performed by first translating the incoming data into a generic tree form, so the bulk of the validation code is completely agnostic to the serialization format.

An example, validating CBOR-encoded data against a CDDL schema:

use cddl_cat::validate_cbor_bytes;
use serde::Serialize;

struct PersonStruct {
    name: String,
    age: u32,

let input = PersonStruct {
    name: "Bob".to_string(),
    age: 43,
let cbor_bytes = serde_cbor::to_vec(&input).unwrap();
let cddl_input = "thing = {name: tstr, age: int}";
validate_cbor_bytes("thing", cddl_input, &cbor_bytes).unwrap();


pub use cbor::validate_cbor;
pub use cbor::validate_cbor_bytes;
pub use parser::parse_cddl;



This module defines the Abstract Syntax Tree.


This module implements conversions from serde_cbor::Value.


This module defines the Context trait


Tools for converting the ast (syntax tree) into an ivt (intermediate validation tree).


This module defines the Intermediate Validation Tree.


This module contains a CDDL parser.


This module defines error and result types.


This module declares a generic Value enum for use with validation.