[][src]Crate ccsds_primary_header

This crate provides an implementation of the CCSDS Primary Header defined in the CCSDS Space Packet Protocol standards document.

This packet header is used in space applications, including the International Space Station and many cubesat applications, among many other.

The CcsdsPrimaryHeader struct is defined in such a way that it is laid out in memory as defined by the standard, including bitfields and big endian byte order. To support this layout the fields are accessed through getters/setters rather then through direct access.

The PrimaryHeader type is parameterized by either BigEndian or LittleEndian, This allows for CCSDS implementations that do not conform to the standard.

Header fields that have enumerations are retrieved as enums.

The main thing this crate provides is the PrimaryHeader struct. These can be created out of sequences of u8s, and by transmuting from raw memory as these structures read memory directly in the CCSDS format.