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The Rust API for the online CCash bank API.

The library is intended to be used in an asynchronous context.

Documentation is available here!

Important: The minimum supported Rust version is 1.54.0.


The versioning scheme this API crate uses is as follows:

  • Incrementing, for example, 1.21.3 -> 2.21.3 indicates breaking changes and X in X.Y.Z matches that of the max CCash version the API can comply to, Y being the major version of the API crate and Z being the current patch/minor version of the crate.
  • Incrementing, for example, 1.21.3 -> 1.22.2 indicates non-breaking changes that is still backwards-compatible with the previous version.


pub use crate::responses::*;
pub use crate::user::*;


This module contains all the non-admin functions that can be mapped to an endpoint provided by the CCash API. All admin functions can be found within the admin module.

This module contains all the relevant enums that are mapped to possible responses when attempting to connect to CCash and error responses from CCash.

This module contains the relevant structures and enums relating to the data of a CCash user.


Struct that describes the connection to the CCash API instance which is defined by the session_url.

Struct that decribes the properties of the CCash instance that are returned from the properties endpoint. Helps define the behaviour of this API.

Struct that describes the format of the logs returned by get_logs.