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This project provides an interface to the CC1101 Linux Driver to allow receiving and transmitting packets from Rust.

The CC1101 is a general purpose packet radio that operates in the Sub-GHz Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) bands (315/433/868/915 MHz).

The driver supports a subset of the CC1101 hardware’s features and provides a high-level interface to the device that does not require setting of the individual hardware registers.

  • Frequencies - 300-348/387-464/778-928 MHz
  • Modulation - OOK/2FSK/4FSK/GFSK/MSK
  • Data Rate - 0.6 - 500 kBaud
  • RX Bandwidth - 58 - 812 kHz
  • Arbitrary packet length RX/TX
  • Sync word or carrier sense triggered RX
  • 16/32 bit configurable sync word


Configuration settings for the CC1101 radio


CC1101 radio device


Generic type for errors thrown by the module
Errors caused by device configuration
Errors encountered during communication with the CC1101 driver