[][src]Crate case_insensitive_hashmap

A wrapper around the std::collections::HashMap that uses case-insensitive Strings for keys.

Since this is a simple wrapper around the standard HashMap, please see its documentation for more information.

The key type of the CaseInsensitiveHashMap is always UniCase<String>. Most methods that have a key parameter have a constraint <K: Into<Key>>. This means that you can call them with a String, a &str or a UniCase<String> if you already have one. This make the API more ergonomic than the alternative of using UniCase<String> directly as a key type in your own std::collections::HashMap.


use unicase::UniCase;
use case_insensitive_hashmap::CaseInsensitiveHashMap;

let mut map = CaseInsensitiveHashMap::new();
map.insert("a", 20);
map.insert("B".to_string(), 40);

// All these are valid key forms.
let uc = UniCase::new("A".to_string());

// Lookup of values is case-insensitive.
assert_eq!(map.get("a"), Some(&20));
assert_eq!(map.get("A"), Some(&20));

assert_eq!(map["a"], 20);
assert_eq!(map["A"], 20);