[][src]Struct cargo_metadata::MetadataCommand

pub struct MetadataCommand { /* fields omitted */ }

A builder for configurating cargo metadata invocation.


impl MetadataCommand[src]

pub fn new() -> MetadataCommand[src]

Creates a default cargo metadata command, which will look for Cargo.toml in the ancestors of the current directory.

pub fn cargo_path(&mut self, path: impl AsRef<Path>) -> &mut MetadataCommand[src]

Path to cargo executable. If not set, this will use the the $CARGO environment variable, and if that is not set, will simply be cargo.

pub fn manifest_path(&mut self, path: impl AsRef<Path>) -> &mut MetadataCommand[src]

Path to Cargo.toml

pub fn current_dir(&mut self, path: impl AsRef<Path>) -> &mut MetadataCommand[src]

Current directory of the cargo metadata process.

pub fn no_deps(&mut self) -> &mut MetadataCommand[src]

Output information only about the root package and don't fetch dependencies.

pub fn features(&mut self, features: CargoOpt) -> &mut MetadataCommand[src]

Which features to include.

pub fn other_options(
    &mut self,
    options: impl AsRef<[String]>
) -> &mut MetadataCommand

Arbitrary command line flags to pass to cargo. These will be added to the end of the command line invocation.

pub fn exec(&mut self) -> Result<Metadata>[src]

Runs configured cargo metadata and returns parsed Metadata.

Trait Implementations

impl Default for MetadataCommand[src]

impl Clone for MetadataCommand[src]

fn clone_from(&mut self, source: &Self)1.0.0[src]

Performs copy-assignment from source. Read more

impl Debug for MetadataCommand[src]

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