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This is the library at the core of the ‘cargo dist’ CLI. It currently mostly exists for the sake of internal documentation/testing, and isn’t intended to be used by anyone else. That said, if you have a reason to use it, let us know!

It’s currently not terribly well-suited to being used as a pure library because it happily writes to stderr/stdout whenever it pleases. Suboptimal for a library.



  • Computing the Announcement
  • The backend of cargo-dist – things it outputs
  • Functionality required to invoke cargo build properly
  • Config types (for workspace.metadata.dist)
  • Functions to parse and manipulate the environment
  • Errors!
  • Functionality required to invoke a generic build’s build-command
  • Details for hosting artifacts
  • The Linkage Checker, which lets us detect what a binary dynamically links to (and why)
  • Utilities for managing DistManifests
  • Code to compute the tasks cargo-dist should do