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cargo-compiler-interrupts provides you a seamless way to integrate the Compiler Interrupts to any Rust packages. Check out the Compiler Interrupts main repository for more info.


  • Rust 1.45.0 or later and LLVM 9 or later are required. Both must have the same LLVM version.
  • You can check the LLVM version from Rust toolchain and LLVM toolchain by running rustc -vV and llvm-config --version respectively.
  • x86-64 architecture with Linux or macOS is highly recommended. Other architectures and platforms have not been tested.


cargo-compiler-interrupts can be installed via cargo install.

cargo install cargo-compiler-interrupts

You can also fetch the repo and install using --path.

git clone
cargo install --path ./cargo-compiler-interrupts

Getting started

cargo-compiler-interrupts provides three subcommands:

cargo lib-ci --install    # install the CI library
cargo build-ci            # build and integrate CI to the binary
cargo run-ci              # run the CI-integrated binary
  • cargo lib-ci — manage the Compiler Interrupts library.
  • cargo build-ci — build and integrate the Compiler Interrupts to the package.
  • cargo run-ci — run the integrated binary. You can specify which binary to run by passing --bin <BINARY>.

Run cargo lib-ci --install to install the Compiler Interrupts library first. Before running cargo build-ci, add the Compiler Interrupts API package as the dependency for your Cargo package and registers the Compiler Interrupts handler in your program. Compiler Interrupts API is provided through the compiler-interrupts package.

fn interrupt_handler(ic: i64) {
    println!("Compiler interrupt called with instruction count: {}", ic);

unsafe {
    compiler_interrupts::register(1000, 1000, interrupt_handler);

For more detailed usages and internals, run the command with --help option and check out the documentation.


All issue reports, feature requests, pull requests and GitHub stars are welcomed and much appreciated. Issues relating to the Compiler Interrupts library should be reported to the main repository.


Quan Tran (@quanshousio)



cargo-compiler-interrupts is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.


Handles configuration for the Compiler Interrupts library.

Errors related to the Compiler Interrupts integration.

Implementation for the subcommands.

Handles options for the subcommands.

Miscellaneous utilities.

Type Definitions

Compiler Interrupts result.