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A pure-Rust library to work with Linux capabilities.

It provides support for manipulating capabilities available on modern Linux kernels. It supports traditional POSIX sets (Effective, Inheritable, Permitted) as well as Linux-specific Ambient and Bounding capabilities sets.

type ExResult<T> = Result<T, Box<dyn std::error::Error + 'static>>;

fn manipulate_caps() -> ExResult<()> {
    use caps::{Capability, CapSet};

    if caps::has_cap(None, CapSet::Permitted, Capability::CAP_SYS_NICE)? {
        caps::drop(None, CapSet::Effective, Capability::CAP_SYS_NICE)?;
        let effective = caps::read(None, CapSet::Effective)?;
        assert_eq!(effective.contains(&Capability::CAP_SYS_NICE), false);

        caps::clear(None, CapSet::Effective)?;
        let cleared = caps::read(None, CapSet::Effective)?;
        assert_eq!(cleared.is_empty(), true);




Error handling.
Detect kernel features at runtime.
Manipulate securebits flags


Linux capabilities sets.
Linux capabilities.


Return the set of all capabilities supported by this library.
Clear all capabilities in a set for a thread.
Drop a single capability from a set for a thread.
Check if a thread contains a capability in a set.
Raise a single capability in a set for a thread.
Return all capabilities in a set for a thread.
Set a capability set for a thread to a new value.
Convert an informal capability name into a canonical form.

Type Definitions

An HashSet specialized on Capability.