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A multiset is a datastructure which resembles a classic Set, except it allows duplicate elements for each key. For more information on Multisets, see:

This crate implements a CappedMultiset. A CappedMultiset is a datastructure similar to a multiset, except it can have a dynamically defined "cap" on the value of each key. When such a cap is defined, any operation to retrieve the value of an element of the set, the value returned will be no greater than the "cap" on the multiset. This cap can be changed at runtime and does not affect the actual data stored in the Multiset. As a result, setting cap = 1 or any other low value is not a lossy operation.

extern crate capped_multiset;

use capped_multiset::CappedMultiset;

fn main() {
    let set = vec![1, 2, 3, 4, 5];
    let mut capped_set = CappedMultiset::new(set);
    assert_eq!(capped_set.sum(), 15);
    assert_eq!(capped_set.sum(), 5);
    assert_eq!(capped_set.sum(), 9);



A CappedMultiset structure is a data structure similar to a multiset with the key distinction that it supports setting a cap on the values of each element. Once a cap is set, all operations on the data structure that access an element will return at most the value of the cap.