Function cansi::line_iter

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pub fn line_iter<'text, 'iter>(
    categorised_slices: &'iter CategorisedSlices<'text>
) -> CategorisedLineIterator<'text, 'iter>Notable traits for CategorisedLineIterator<'text, 'iter>impl<'text, 'iter> Iterator for CategorisedLineIterator<'text, 'iter> type Item = CategorisedLine<'text>;
👎Deprecated: please use v3::line_iter to move to API v3.0. this function will be removed with v3.0 of cansi
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Construct an iterator over each new line (\n or \r\n) and returns the categorised slices within those. CategorisedSlices that include a new line are split with the same style.


let s = format!("{}{}\nhow are you\r\ntoday", "hello, ".green(), "world".red());
let cat = categorise_text(&s);
let mut iter = line_iter(&cat);

let first =;
assert_eq!(first[0].text, "hello, ");
assert_eq!(first[0].fg_colour, Color::Green);

assert_eq!(first[1].text, "world");
assert_eq!(first[1].fg_colour, Color::Red);

assert_eq!(&construct_text_no_codes(&, "how are you");
assert_eq!(&construct_text_no_codes(&, "today");
assert_eq!(, None);