Trait canrun::Query[][src]

pub trait Query<'a, D: Domain<'a> + 'a> {
    fn query<Q>(self, query: Q) -> Box<dyn Iterator<Item = Q::Reified> + 'a>
        Q: ReifyIn<'a, D> + 'a
; }
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Derive reified values potential resolved states.

Query is implemented for Goals and States (and other types), meaning you can call .query() on them with any type that implements ReifyIn for a matching Domain.

This is a convenient wrapper around the pattern of iterating over a sequence of ResolvedStates and calling state.reify(query) and returning only the valid, fully resolved results. Query is implemented on a variety of State related types, allowing it to be used in many contexts.

A blanket impl covers anything that implements IterResolved, so many types including Goal and State are queryable.

Required methods

Get reified results from an iterator of ResolvedStates.



use canrun::{Goal, unify, var, State};
use canrun::example::I32;

let x = var();
let goal: Goal<I32> = unify(x, 1);
let result: Vec<_> = goal.query(x).collect();
assert_eq!(result, vec![1])


use canrun::{State, IterResolved, Query, val, var};
use canrun::example::I32;
let x = var();

let state: State<I32> = State::new();
let result: Vec<_> = state.query(x).collect();
assert_eq!(result, vec![]) // Nothing has been added to the State


Note that most of the lower level State update methods return an Option<State<D>>. Since IterResolved is implemented for this type, Query is as well!

let state: Option<State<I32>> = State::new().unify(&val!(x), &val!(1));
let result: Vec<_> = state.query(x).collect();
assert_eq!(result, vec![1])