Function canrun::collections::lvec::get

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pub fn get<T, IntoT, Index, Collection>(
    item: IntoT,
    index: Index,
    collection: Collection
) -> Get<T>where
    T: Unify,
    IntoT: Into<Value<T>>,
    Index: Into<Value<usize>>,
    Collection: Into<Value<LVec<T>>>,
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Create a Goal that attempts to unify a Value<T> with the item at a specific index in a LVec<T>.


use canrun::{LVar, all, unify, lvec, Query};

let needle = LVar::new();
let index = LVar::new();
let haystack = LVar::new();
let goal = all![
    unify(index, 0),
    unify(&haystack, lvec![1, 2, 3]),
    lvec::get(needle, index, haystack),
let results: Vec<_> = goal.query(needle).collect();
assert_eq!(results, vec![1]);