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CAN and CAN FD transport for UAVCAN v1.0

This library implements the UAVCAN/CAN transport layer. It splits transfers into frames, reassembles frames into transfers, and keeps track of subscriptions.


CAN driver traits

Queues of outgoing CAN frames

Utilities for use with redundant transports


A 29-bit extended CAN ID

Node ID

Handles subscriptions and assembles incoming frames into transfers

Transfer ID, 5 bits, in range 0..=31

A wrapper for an array of CanTransferIds that implements Default

Splits outgoing transfers into frames

The UAVCAN/CAN transport

CAN or CAN FD data frame with up to 64 bytes of data and an extended 29-bit ID

Calculates the 32-bit transfer CRC


CAN transport errors

Allowed maximum transmission unit (MTU) values


Maximum number of bytes in a frame

Type Definitions

Convenience type alias for a transfer header

Convenience type alias for a transfer