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An APRS-IS passcode generator and type.


The Callpass type is used for representing an APRS-IS passcode. It will transform a callsign into a passcode, and can be used in place of integers where expecting a callpass.

let given_callsign = "x2yz";
let given_callpass = 29322i64;

We can generate a Callpass like so, using the From trait:

// This step will generate an APRS-IS passcode.
let callpass: Callpass = given_callsign.into();

If we already have an APRS-IS passcode as an integer, we can make a Callpass from that as well to gain the benefits of type checking:

let their_callpass: Callpass = given_callpass.into();

assert!(their_callpass == given_callpass);



This type will generate and represent an APRS-IS passcode.