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This is a stand alone crate that contains both the C++ source code of the CaDiCaL incremental SAT solver together with its Rust binding. The C++ files are compiled and statically linked during the build process. This crate works on Linux, Apple OSX, Windows, Android, iOS, Raspberry Pi, NetBSD and FreeBSD. CaDiCaL won first place in the SAT track of the SAT Race 2019 and second overall place. It was written by Armin Biere, and it is available under the MIT license.



Error type for configuration and DIMACS reading and writing errors.


The CaDiCaL incremental SAT solver. The literals are unwrapped positive and negative integers, exactly as in the DIMACS format. The common IPASIR operations are presented in a safe Rust interface.


Callbacks implementing a simple timeout.



Callbacks trait for finer control.