[][src]Crate bvh

A crate which exports rays, axis-aligned bounding boxes, and binary bounding volume hierarchies.


This crate can be used for applications which contain intersection computations of rays with primitives. For this purpose a binary tree BVH (Bounding Volume Hierarchy) is of great use if the scene which the ray traverses contains a huge number of primitives. With a BVH the intersection test complexity is reduced from O(n) to O(log2(n)) at the cost of building the BVH once in advance. This technique is especially useful in ray/path tracers. For use in a shader this module also exports a flattening procedure, which allows for iterative traversal of the BVH. This library is built on top of nalgebra.


use bvh::aabb::{AABB, Bounded};
use bvh::bounding_hierarchy::{BoundingHierarchy, BHShape};
use bvh::bvh::BVH;
use bvh::nalgebra::{Point3, Vector3};
use bvh::ray::Ray;

let origin = Point3::new(0.0,0.0,0.0);
let direction = Vector3::new(1.0,0.0,0.0);
let ray = Ray::new(origin, direction);

struct Sphere {
    position: Point3<f32>,
    radius: f32,
    node_index: usize,

impl Bounded for Sphere {
    fn aabb(&self) -> AABB {
        let half_size = Vector3::new(self.radius, self.radius, self.radius);
        let min = self.position - half_size;
        let max = self.position + half_size;
        AABB::with_bounds(min, max)

impl BHShape for Sphere {
    fn set_bh_node_index(&mut self, index: usize) {
        self.node_index = index;

    fn bh_node_index(&self) -> usize {

let mut spheres = Vec::new();
for i in 0..1000u32 {
    let position = Point3::new(i as f32, i as f32, i as f32);
    let radius = (i % 10) as f32 + 1.0;
    spheres.push(Sphere {
        position: position,
        radius: radius,
        node_index: 0,

let bvh = BVH::build(&mut spheres);
let hit_sphere_aabbs = bvh.traverse(&ray, &spheres);


pub use nalgebra;



Axis Aligned Bounding Boxes.


Axis enum for indexing three-dimensional structures.


This module defines the BoundingHierarchy trait.


This module defines a BVH.


This module exports methods to flatten the BVH and traverse it iteratively.


This module defines a Ray structure and intersection algorithms for axis aligned bounding boxes and triangles.



A minimal floating value used as a lower bound. TODO: replace by/add ULPS/relative float comparison methods.