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The main type exported by the library, BitVec, is a packed, growable bit-vector. Its API mirrors that of Vec where reasonable.

The library also defines slice operations that return BitSlice or BitSliceMut, akin to Rust’s array slices but for bit-vectors. A common API to bit-vectors and bit-slices is provided by the Bits, BitsMut, and BitsPush traits. These traits also allow treating a variety of other types as bit vectors:

  • all primitive unsigned integer types (e.g., u64, u32),
  • vectors and slices thereof (e.g., Vec<usize>, &[u8], [u16; 4]), and
  • unpacked vectors and arrays of bool (e.g., [bool; 15]).

Additionally, the BitsExt trait provides adapter methods including bit-wise logic and concatenation. These adapters work for all types that implement Bits.


A first example with BitVec:

use bv::BitVec;

let mut bv1: BitVec = BitVec::new_fill(false, 50);
let mut bv2: BitVec = BitVec::new_fill(false, 50);

assert_eq!(bv1, bv2);

bv1.set(49, true);
assert_ne!(bv1, bv2);

assert_eq!(bv1.pop(), Some(true));
assert_eq!(bv2.pop(), Some(false));
assert_eq!(bv1, bv2);

Adapters, from BitsExt and adapter:

use bv::*;
use bv::adapter::BoolAdapter;

// Here, we use an `&[u16]` as a bit vector, and we adapt a
// `Vec<bool>` as well.
let array = &[0b1100u16];
let vec   = BoolAdapter::new(vec![false, true, false, true]);

// `xor` is not a `BitVec`, but a lazy adapter, thus, we can index
// it or efficiently compare it to another bit vector, without
// allocating.
let xor   = array.bit_xor(&vec);
assert_eq!( xor, bit_vec![false, true, true, false] );

This function performs a three-way or, returning a BitVec without allocating an intermediate result:

use bv::{Bits, BitsExt, BitVec};

fn three_way_or<T, U, V>(bv1: T, bv2: U, bv3: V) -> BitVec<T::Block>
    where T: Bits,
          U: Bits<Block = T::Block>,
          V: Bits<Block = T::Block> {



It’s on, so you can add

bv = "0.8.1"

to your Cargo.toml and

extern crate bv;

to your crate root.

This crate supports Rust version 1.20 and newer.



Lazy bit vector adapters.



Like vec! but for BitVec.



A slice of a bit-vector; akin to &'a [bool] but packed.


A mutable slice of a bit-vector; akin to &'a mut [bool] but packed.


A bit-vector, akin to Vec<bool> but packed.



Types that support slicing by ranges.


Read-only bit vector operations.


Extension trait for adapter operations on bit slices.


Mutable bit vector operations that don’t affect the length.


Bit vector operations that change the length.


Interface to primitive bit storage.