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Bustabit Rust

bustabit is an utility library for verification of Bustabit games (bets and outcomes).

Bustabit is a provably fair game of luck. You can try the game on the official website.

“Provably fair” means that: 1) the outcome of every game round has not been changed after players placed a bet, and 2) this statement could be verified and proven by any third-party.

Provably fair games rely on properties of cryptographic hash (one-way) functions. Bustabit’s Proof is more complex. In addition to independence of a game result, it proves the coefficient of game outcome a bust.

You may use it if you want to get historical busts, or analyze games happened previously. Also, it may be useful while testing and debugging you autoplaying scripts.

It is a pure Rust implementation of the 3rd party verification script by Dexon95 @JSFiddle.



Struct represents a game. You can get the bust coefficient of the game, and iterate over previously occured games using Iterator trait.