[][src]Struct bulletproofs::BulletproofGens

pub struct BulletproofGens {
    pub gens_capacity: usize,
    pub party_capacity: usize,
    // some fields omitted

The BulletproofGens struct contains all the generators needed for aggregating up to m range proofs of up to n bits each.

Extensible Generator Generation

Instead of constructing a single vector of size m*n, as described in the Bulletproofs paper, we construct each party's generators separately.

To construct an arbitrary-length chain of generators, we apply SHAKE256 to a domain separator label, and feed each 64 bytes of XOF output into the ristretto255 hash-to-group function. Each of the m parties' generators are constructed using a different domain separation label, and proving and verification uses the first n elements of the arbitrary-length chain.

This means that the aggregation size (number of parties) is orthogonal to the rangeproof size (number of bits), and allows using the same BulletproofGens object for different proving parameters.

This construction is also forward-compatible with constraint system proofs, which use a much larger slice of the generator chain, and even forward-compatible to multiparty aggregation of constraint system proofs, since the generators are namespaced by their party index.


The maximum number of usable generators for each party.

Number of values or parties


impl BulletproofGens

Create a new BulletproofGens object.


  • gens_capacity is the number of generators to precompute for each party. For rangeproofs, it is sufficient to pass 64, the maximum bitsize of the rangeproofs. For circuit proofs, the capacity must be greater than the number of multipliers, rounded up to the next power of two.

  • party_capacity is the maximum number of parties that can produce an aggregated proof.

Returns j-th share of generators, with an appropriate slice of vectors G and H for the j-th range proof.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for BulletproofGens

Performs copy-assignment from source. Read more

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