[][src]Enum buildkit_llb::prelude::LayerPath

pub enum LayerPath<'a, P: AsRef<Path>> {
    Own(OwnOutputIdx, P),
    Other(OperationOutput<'a>, P),

Operand of file system operations that defines either source or destination layer and a path.


Own(OwnOutputIdx, P)

References one of the current operation outputs and a path.

Other(OperationOutput<'a>, P)

References an output of another operation and a path.


A path in an empty layer (equivalent of Dockerfile's scratch source).


impl<'a, P: AsRef<Path>> LayerPath<'a, P>[src]

pub fn into_owned(self) -> LayerPath<'a, PathBuf>[src]

Transform the layer path into owned variant (basically, with PathBuf as the path).

Trait Implementations

impl<'a, P: Debug + AsRef<Path>> Debug for LayerPath<'a, P>[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<'a, P> !RefUnwindSafe for LayerPath<'a, P>

impl<'a, P> Send for LayerPath<'a, P> where
    P: Send

impl<'a, P> Sync for LayerPath<'a, P> where
    P: Sync

impl<'a, P> Unpin for LayerPath<'a, P> where
    P: Unpin

impl<'a, P> !UnwindSafe for LayerPath<'a, P>

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