[][src]Function build_id::get

pub fn get() -> Uuid

Returns a Uuid uniquely representing the build of the current binary.

This is intended to be used to check that different processes are indeed invocations of identically laid out binaries.

As such:

  • It is guaranteed to be identical within multiple invocations of the same binary.
  • It is guaranteed to be different across binaries with different code or data segments or layout.
  • Equality is unspecified if the binaries have identical code and data segments and layout but differ immaterially (e.g. if a timestamp is included in the binary at compile time).


let local_build_id = build_id::get();
if local_build_id == remote_build_id {
	println!("We're running the same binary as remote!");
} else {
	println!("We're running a different binary to remote");


This looks first for linker-inserted build ID / binary UUIDs (i.e. .note.gnu.build-id on Linux; LC_UUID in Mach-O; etc), falling back to hashing the whole binary.