[][src]Crate build_info_build

Begin by adding build-info as a [dependency] and build-info-build as a [build-dependency] to your Cargo.toml. Please make sure that both dependencies use the same version!

If it does not already exist, add a build.rs to your project's root, where you call build_info_build::build_script(). This will collect build information at compile time.

Then, either use the build_info! macro to add a function that returns version information at runtime:

This example is not tested
build_info::build_info!(fn version);

or use build_info::format! to generate a string at compile time:

This example is not tested
// sample output: "{sample v0.0.13 built with rustc 1.45.0-nightly (4bd32c980 2020-05-29) at 2020-05-30 11:22:46Z}"
build_info::format!("{{{} v{} built with {} at {}}}", $.crate_info.name, $.crate_info.version, $.compiler, $.timestamp)

You can also check out the sample project that shows both variants.


The ´build-info-build` crate has the following features:

  • dependencies (disabled by default): (Recursively) collects all dependencies inside $.crate_info.dependencies. Enabling this feature may cause the serialized build data to become large enough to cause problems for cargo. Try it!
  • git (enabled by default): Enables git support. A git repository will only be detected if this feature is available.


pub use build_info_common::chrono;
pub use build_info_common::semver;



Information about the current build


Type to store any (optional) options for the build script.


rustc version and configuration


Information about the current crate (i.e., the crate for which build information has been generated)


Information about a git repository



rustc distribution channel (some compiler features are only available on specific channels)


Support for different version control systems



Call this function in your build.rs script to generate the data consumed by the build_info crate. Additional customization options are available by manipulating the return type. The actual work is performed once the return type is dropped.