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Rust build-script dependencies generator

Rust build-script dependencies generator is intended for the build-script `build.rs'. All files matching the user defined GLOB pattern will be added to Cargo's dependency-checker. In case those files have been modified since last build-process, the build process is re-ran.

Expanding the pattern the set must not contain directories. Cargo only supports files for dependency checking. If the expanded set contains a directory the function will continue with next element in the list but returning with error Error::ExpandedPathExpectedFile(String)

This way the calling build-script build.rs may interrupt the build-process or ignore the presents of a directory along the GLOB-expansion.

For further reading see chapter Cargo Build-Script Output

Note: The cargo application ist storing the build-script-output in the build directory, for example: target/debug/build/*/output.



Error cases



Exapanding the GLOB pattern and adding dependency to Cargo-build-process