Crate bsa[][src]


pub use crate::version::*;
pub use crate::read::open;
pub use crate::read::Reader;
pub use crate::read::EntryId;
pub use crate::write::list_dir;
pub use crate::write::Writer;
pub use crate::v001::V001;
pub use crate::v001::ReaderV001;
pub use crate::v001::HeaderV001;
pub use crate::v001::WriterV001;
pub use crate::v103::V103;
pub use crate::v103::ReaderV103;
pub use crate::v103::HeaderV103;
pub use crate::v103::WriterV103;
pub use crate::v103::ArchiveFlagV103;
pub use crate::v104::V104;
pub use crate::v104::ReaderV104;
pub use crate::v104::HeaderV104;
pub use crate::v104::WriterV104;
pub use crate::v104::ArchiveFlagV104;
pub use crate::v105::V105;
pub use crate::v105::ReaderV105;
pub use crate::v105::HeaderV105;
pub use crate::v105::WriterV105;
pub use crate::v105::ArchiveFlagV105;



The hash of a name inside a bsa archive.



The DataSource provides a way to retrieve a reader. Each reader returned by [open()] should be fresh.

Type Definitions