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This library contains:

  1. An implementation of AT2: Asynchronous Trustworthy Transfers
  2. A BRBDataType wrapper around AT2

The wrapper enables AT2 operations to be transmitted in a BFT manner using Byzantine Reliable Broadcast.

AT2 is described formally in:

BRB is a modified form of the Deterministic Secure Broadcast defined in the above paper.

This AT2 implementation has been coded for simplicity and clarity. It has not been optimized for a large number of transfers and is presently best-suited for testing out the concept. It will certainly suffer performance bottlenecks if run with any significant number of transfers. Some of these bottlenecks are commented in the code.


pub use money::Money;
pub use bank::Bank;
pub use op::Op;
pub use transfer::Transfer;



The Bank represents current AT2 state for a given Actor (account), plus all-time transaction history for all actors.


AT2 Money


AT2 Op


AT2 Transfer