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Buffered Random Access (BRA) provides easy random memory access to a sequential source of data. This is achieved by greedily retaining all memory read from a given source, or by keeping a way to reset the source to the beginning for multiple passes.


GreedyBufReader can be either used as a buffered reader or as a random memory access descriptor. The amount of data read does not influence the relative index of the data unless the method clear is called.

let reader = get_reader();
let mut reader = GreedyBufReader::new(reader);
// random access to bytes!
let k: u8 = reader.get(12)?;
// random slicing!
let s: &[u8] = reader.slice(20..48)?;
assert_eq!(s.len(), 28);
// also functions as a buffered reader
let mut chunk = [0; 20];
reader.read_exact(&mut chunk)?;



A buffered reader that greedily retains all memory read into a buffer.