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A wrapper for the Botan cryptography library


  • A raw block cipher interface (ie ECB mode)
  • X.509 certificate revocation list
  • X.509 certificate
  • A symmetric cipher
  • An object that can perform public key decryption
  • An object that performs public key encryption
  • The library error type
  • Represents an instance of format preserving encryption
  • Generate or check HOTP tokens
  • A hash function object
  • An object that performs key agreement
  • Specifies valid keylengths for symmetric ciphers/MACs
  • A big integer type
  • Message authentication code
  • A private key object
  • A public key object
  • A cryptographic random number generator
  • An object that can generate signatures
  • Generate or check TOTP tokens
  • An object that can perform public key signature verification
  • Information about the library version



Type Aliases

  • The result of calling an operation on the library