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A rather slow Boolfuck interpreter, in case you want to help me make this more efficient go to the corresponding github page.

For tips/tutorials concerning Boolfuck visit the official homepage. It is also possible to translate Brainfuck in Boolfuck code with this crate.


  • Input is taken from the console and the end of line character is removed, because now programs written with int getchar()( a function in c) in mind work correctly.(The Lost Kingdom for example) This causes problems with other programs which rely on null terminated strings or the end of line character.

  • The commands , and ; both work in little-endian order.

  • This crate is a a lot faster when run with --release!


  • If you have created a better boolfuck interpreter I would not mind to transfer this name to you.



A simple struct which contains boolfuck code and can run that code.



An enum with all possible boolfuck commands and an end of file token.



Takes &self and creates a new independent string.


Takes &self and creates a new independent Vec<Token>.