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Bookfile: an immutable container file format

This crate is still under development.

Bookfile allows creating a file in Book format, by writing sequential chapters. A bookfile can be created in streaming mode, making it possible to create a Bookfile while writing it into a network socket or other streaming-only device. Any target supporting std::io::Write will work.

Each chapter contains a [u8] payload and is read independently.

The Book type represents a read-only Bookfile. Invividual chapters can be read using the std::io::Read interface. Seek and read_at are also provided, and work within the context of that chapter: the seek offset is the offset within the chapter, and a read at the end of the chapter will return EOF.

A chapter’s offset, length, and id number are all kept in a Table of Contents stored at the end of the file. The TOC will be read when a Book is opened, but no chapters will be read until requested.


An interface for reading a Bookfile.

A tool for writing a Book.

An I/O wrapper that constrains reads to a particular byte range.

A chapter identifier.

A tool for writing a Chapter.


Book error type

Type Definitions

A Result type for things that may return BookError.