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This library is an implementation of the Blorb 2.0.4 specification. The specification can be found at the following web address:

Blorbs are a resource file type used in Interactive Fiction (IF). They bundle together images, text, sounds, and other resources, along with executable code, for IF interpreters to use.

This library gives access to the blorb file type and contents through structures. Additionally, it provides a lazy access interface to the blorb contents, allowing interpreters to use blorbs without dumping the full file contents contents into memory.

NOTE: This library is not production ready. The interface is currently unstable, and only the lazy-loading portion of this library has been implemented.



Access point for lazy loading blorb contents. This struct contains the methods to load resources from the provided blorb. This does not cache the results.


Container for chunk metadata. Used for identifying a chunk without loading the full chunk into memory.


Contains the usage information for an entry, the resource number of the entry, and where in the blob the entry starts.


Container for list of resource index entries.



Representation for loaded blorb chunks


The usage information for an IndexEntry.