[][src]Crate blobby

This crate provides several iterators over simply binary blob storage.

Storage format

Data in the storage format starts with magical string "blobby', next is one byte which denotes how many bytes are used for blob length prefixes. For example "blobby1" means that 1 byte is used for length, and "blobby2", "blobby4", "blobby8" mean 2, 4 and 8 bytes respectively (this number will be denoted as n).

After header goes a sequence of records. Each record starts with prefix of n bytes in which record length (excluding prefix) is stored using little endian format.


First line represents input binary string and second line shows blobs stored in it.

"blobby1\x05hello\x01 \x00\x05world"
"hello", " ", "", "world"

Example for n=2, note that length is given in little endian format:

"foo", "", "bar"



Iterator over binary blob pairs


Iterator over binary blob triples


Iterator over binary blob quadruples


Iterator over binary blobs