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This crate provides a simple interface for interacting with Bitcoin mainnet, testnet, and signet.


pub use nets::*;


Implementations of the TxBuilder for Bitcoin transactions. This builder automatically selects between Legacy and Witness transactions based on its inputs. The user may also specify the desired type using build_legacy or build_witness.

Holds Bitcoin-specific encoding tools. This includes an AddressEncoder that handles bech32 and base58check addresses, as well as newtypes that hold the Bitcoin network prefix information for addresses.

This module holds MarkedDigest types used by Bitcoin transactions. Currently we represent only TXIDs and WTXIDs. In the future we may also represent sighash digests this way.

The bitcoin::nets module cotains Bitcoin network definitions. These are the main interface for accessing the library.

Common re-exports

Holds Bitcoin specific types, including scripts, witnesses, inputs, outputs, and transactions. Extends the Transaction trait to maintain a type distinction between Legacy and Witness transactions (and allow conversion from one to the other).

Type Definitions

The default encoder, selected by feature flag

The default network, selected by feature flag