Attribute Macro bitbar_derive::command

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Registers a subcommand that you can run from a menu item’s command.

Commands may take any number of parameters implementing FromStr (with errors implementing Display) and ToString, and should return Result<(), Error>, where Error is any type that implements Display. If a command errors, bitbar will attempt to send a macOS notification containing the error message.

Alternatively, use this arrtibute as #[command(varargs)] and define the command function with a single parameter of type Vec<String>.

The command attribute generates a function that can be called with arguments of references to the original parameter types to obtain a std::io::Result<Params>. If the command has more than 5 parameters or is declared with #[command(varargs)], the function takes an additional first parameter of type SwiftBar.

The function must also be registered via #[bitbar::main(commands(...))].