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Birli is a library of common preprocessing tasks performed in the data pipeline of the Murchison Widefield Array (MWA) Telescope.


Here’s an example of how to flag some visibility files

use birli::{
    mwalib::CorrelatorContext, write_uvfits,
    get_weight_factor, flag_to_weight_array,
    FlagContext, VisSelection
use tempfile::tempdir;

// define our input files
let metafits_path = "tests/data/1297526432_mwax/1297526432.metafits";
let gpufits_paths = vec![

// define a temporary directory for output files
let tmp_dir = tempdir().unwrap();

// define our output paths
let flag_template = tmp_dir.path().join("Flagfile%%%.mwaf");
let uvfits_out = tmp_dir.path().join("1297526432.uvfits");

// Create an mwalib::CorrelatorContext for accessing visibilities.
let corr_ctx = CorrelatorContext::new(&metafits_path, &gpufits_paths).unwrap();

// Determine which timesteps and coarse channels we want to use
let vis_sel = VisSelection::from_mwalib(&corr_ctx).unwrap();

// Prepare our flagmasks with known bad antennae
let flag_ctx = FlagContext::from_mwalib(&corr_ctx);

// Create a blank array to store flags and visibilities
let fine_chans_per_coarse = corr_ctx.metafits_context.num_corr_fine_chans_per_coarse;
let mut flag_array = vis_sel.allocate_flags(fine_chans_per_coarse).unwrap();
    &mut flag_array,
let mut jones_array = vis_sel.allocate_jones(fine_chans_per_coarse).unwrap();

// read visibilities out of the gpubox files
    .read_mwalib(&corr_ctx, jones_array.view_mut(), flag_array.view_mut(), false)

// write the flags to disk as .mwaf
write_flags(&corr_ctx, &flag_array, flag_template.to_str().unwrap(), &vis_sel.coarse_chan_range).unwrap();
// write the visibilities to disk as .uvfits

let num_pols = corr_ctx.metafits_context.num_visibility_pols;
let weight_factor = get_weight_factor(&corr_ctx);
let weight_array = flag_to_weight_array(&flag_array.view(), weight_factor);


Birli reads visibilities with MWALib and uses CXX to bind to the AOFlagger C++ library. For more details its interface, check out the aoflagger::AOFlagger documentation


pub use io::mwaf::FlagFileSet;
pub use io::write_ms;
pub use io::write_uvfits;
pub use corrections::correct_cable_lengths;
pub use corrections::correct_geometry;
pub use corrections::ScrunchType;
pub use flags::flag_to_weight_array;
pub use flags::get_weight_factor;
pub use flags::write_flags;
pub use flags::FlagContext;
pub use marlu;
pub use marlu::mwalib;
pub use marlu::mwalib::fitsio;
pub use marlu::mwalib::fitsio_sys;
pub use marlu::ndarray;
pub use preprocessing::PreprocessContext;
pub use cli::BirliContext;
pub use flags::flag_jones_array;


Calibrating visibilities.

Command Line Interface helpers for Birli

Corrections that can be performed on visibility data

Methods for manipulating flagmasks and flagging imagesets

Input and Ouput data file format modules

Possible choices for polyphase filter bank gains for the MWA.

Crate for preprocessing visibilities


Parallelized array zip macro: lock step function application across several arrays and producers.

Time a statement and increment the timer given by name in the hashmap of durations


An axis index.

A complex number in Cartesian form.

mwalib correlator observation context. This represents the basic metadata for a correlator observation.

CXX Wrapper for aoflagger::AOFlagger, the main class for access to the flagger functionality.

CXX Wrapper for aoflagger::FlagMask, a two-dimensional mask of bool flags.

CXX Wrapper for aoflagger::ImageSet, a set of time-frequency ‘images’ which together contain data for one correlated baseline.

Binding to C++ std::unique_ptr<T, std::default_delete<T>>.

Keep track of which mwalib indices the values in a jones array, its’ weights and its’ flags came from. Similar to a VisSelection, but requires an mwalib::CorrelatorContext to be fully interpreted


An enum of all the errors possible in Birli


An iterator that supports “random access” to its data, meaning that you can split it at arbitrary indices and draw data from those points.

IntoParallelIterator implements the conversion to a ParallelIterator.

IntoParallelRefIterator implements the conversion to a ParallelIterator, providing shared references to the data.

IntoParallelRefMutIterator implements the conversion to a ParallelIterator, providing mutable references to the data.

Parallel version of the standard iterator trait.


Create a new CxxAOFlagger instance

Type Definitions

three-dimensional array