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// Examples for using checks:

use bioutils::charsets; use bioutils::utils; use bioutils::utils::check::value::CheckU8; use bioutils::utils::new::random::random_dna; use bioutils::utils::new::random::random_quality; use bioutils::utils::mutate::random::AsMutRandomU8; use rand::rngs::ThreadRng; use rand::seq::SliceRandom; use std::string::String; use std::str;

let dna = b“ACTG“; let rna = b“ACUG“; let homopolymerN = b“NNNN“; let homopolymerA = b“AAAA“; let gapna = b“AC-G“; let nna = b“ACnG“; let quality = b“@ABC“;

assert!(homopolymerN.is_homopolymer()); assert!(homopolymerA.is_homopolymer_not_n()); assert!(homopolymerN.is_homopolymer_n());

assert!(gapna.has_gap()); assert!(nna.has_n()); assert!(dna.is_iupac()); assert!(rna.is_basic_rna());

assert!(quality.is_phred33()); assert!(quality.is_phred64()); assert!(quality.is_solexa());

// Examples for creating a new random sequence and quality

let mut rng1 = rand::thread_rng(); // Create a random number generator let dna = random_dna(4,rng1); // Create a random dna sequence let mut rng2 = rand::thread_rng(); let quality = random_quality(4,rng2); // Create a random quality string println!(“{:?}”, dna.to_owned()); println!(“{:?}”, quality.to_owned());

// Examples for replacing nucleotides

let mut rng3 = rand::thread_rng(); //create a random number generator let mut rng4 = rand::thread_rng(); //create a random number generator let mut seq = b“acugnnnqqq“.to_owned(); // or by *: let mut seq = *b“acugnnnqqq“; let mut seq = seq.mut_random_replace_non_basic(“RNA”, rng4).mut_random_replace_n(“RNA”, rng3).mut_to_upper_basic(); let printseq = str::from_utf8(seq).unwrap(); println!(“{:?}”, printseq);



Currently includes human NCBI gencode GRCh38. Automatically downloads the latest version of user’s choice.