Module bioutils::utils[][src]



Trait for checking specific criteria for a u8 of biological file origin. Types include sequence (nucleotide/amino acid) and quality (phred33/64/solexa, phred33 being all printable ascii). See below examples for included functions. Note that quality alphabets overlap, and one quality line may be valid phred33,64, solexa, or any combination. Check with the manufacturer for which quality encoding your data has. If unsure, most data generated beyond 2016 is kept in phred33 encoding. Additional functionality for common checks including has_n, has_gap, is_homopolymer, etc.


Functions to make new random u8 biological sequences. Includes dna,rna,aa,quality functions to create u8 vectors.


Trait to random characters with pseudorandom bases (Nn->{AC{TU}G}, IUPAC R to {AG}).