[][src]Crate binsec

Library interface for binsec static detection functionality. Implements the deserializable components for output/file IO, and the main detection interface for parsing the binary for features to output.



Defines the checkers that can be used for their binary formats for their respective platforms. Also implements the Checker trait, which is used to implement the functionality needed to properly do all security mitigation detections per platform.


Implements the main interface struct necessary in order to consume, parse and detect binary inputs. Should be used to detect format and security mitigations for a singular binary.


Defines the error type used throughout both the library crate and the main command-line application when encountering exceptions.


Implements file output dumping given a file format. binsec currently supports the following backends for structured deserialization:


Implements a YARA-based interface for deploying rule checks against a binary. While this does not implement a foreign function interface directly with the system-installed YARA library component, this is used instead since the currently available Rust bindings to YARA only support up to 3.11.